Bumbo Cares Helps Special Needs Children Reach Their Potential


Nine-year-old Gabriella is a social butterfly, flashing her bright smile and offering a hug to everyone she meets. Yet without the Centurion Center, a daycare and full-time school program for children with special needs supported by Bumbo Cares, she would not have had the opportunity to grow into the happy little girl she is today.

When she was just 8 weeks old, Gabriella was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy. It’s often difficult to treat and can cause developmental delays, infections and other medical conditions. For Gabriella, living with Dravet syndrome means she has difficulty with walking and balance, speaking in full sentences and problems concentrating on tasks.

After Gabriella’s parents divorced, her mother moved the family to a smaller home closer to hospital access. Her mom now works a full-time eight to five job and has a second part-time evening job in order to provide for her children, especially Gabriella’s special needs.

With the support of Bumbo Cares, the Centurion Center provides special needs children with a learning environment suited for each child’s unique needs.  Unlike other programs which require children to attend the school on a permanent basis, children in this program attend full-time, but are not separated from their families.

Gabriella has been a student at the Center for nearly a year.  Every day she takes classes in language, math and computers, and also receives skills training to help with her fine motor skills. Each week, she also has speech and physical therapy, as well as therapeutic horseback riding Thanks to Bumbo Cares, Gabriella is able to receive the critical services and personalized attention she so desperately needs.

In the short time Gabriella has been in the program, her teachers and therapists say she has made tremendous progress. Her concentration has significantly improved and she’s now able to sing in two languages, count, identify pictures and their corresponding words, and speak in clear sentences. The program has also helped Gabriella to create art, finger paint, build puzzles, and she’s even able to use scissors now. Her walking, strength and balance have improved as well.

Most of all, the Center has given Gabriella a safe, nurturing environment where she’s motivated to learn, reach her full potential, and share her warmth, joy, and of course, hugs.

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